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The Most Trusted Name in Regenerative Therapy, and Interventional Orthopedics

Our founding Physicians were the first to use advanced cell-based treatments for degenerative disc disease. Since 2005, our network of physicians has produced more advancements in the field of interventional orthopedics than any other Regenerative Health Clinic.
Over 100,000 procedures have been performed as an alternative to surgery by our physician network.

  • Stem cell spine treatment - PRP spine treatment - Regenexx

    Spine PAIN

    Orthobiogen treatment options for low back and neck pain that offer a surgery-free alternative without steroid side effects.

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  • Stem cell knee treatment - PRP knee treatment - Regenexx

    Knee PAIN

    Meniscus tears, arthritis, tendonitis, and knee instability benefit from advanced surgery-free treatment options.

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  • Stem cell shoulder treatment - PRP shoulder treatment - Regenexx

    Shoulder PAIN

    Shoulders are among the most successful joints treated with our state-of-the-art platelet and cell-based procedures.

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  • Stem cell joint treatment - PRP joint treatment - Regenexx

    Joint PAIN

    Don’t let arthritis slow down your active lifestyle! Get all your surgery-free regenerative health treatment options.

  • Hip Sciatica - Sciatic Nerve Hip Pain


    Arthritis, labral tears, tendonitis, greater trochanteric bursitis, and ligament injury can be treated without surgery!

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  • Stem cell hand & wrist treatment - PRP hand & wrist treatment - Regenexx


    Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, hand & wrist arthritis, tennis elbow, and golf elbow can all be treated.

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