Hand & Wrist Pain

What is causing your hand or wrist symptoms?

Hand & Wrist Pain Conditions

Hand and wrist conditions are often debilitating problems suffered by many. They often impact your ability to work, perform tasks, or maintain your quality of life. Joint wear-and-tear, trauma, and nerve inflammation, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are some of the most common causes of these issues. The information below will help you develop an understanding of the more common causes of hand or wrist pain, many of which can be treated without surgery if identified early in the disease or injury processes.

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Hand and Wrist Pain Anatomy

Hand - Wrist Pain Anatomy

Upper Extremity Pain

The hand and wrist are made up of a complex network of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The precise nature of these structures allows an amazing range of movement and control for daily tasks. Below, we discuss the basic structure of hand and wrist anatomy that will help you understand the structures often causing your hand or wrist pain.

Hand and Wrist Pain Location

Hand & Wrist Pain Location

Possible causes of your pain

There are many conditions that may lead to hand pain or wrist pain. Identifying the precise location, type of pain, and any associated symptoms will assist in the diagnosis of your hand condition. Find out more about the most likely causes of pain associated with various areas of the hand or joint to narrow down potential causes.

Hand and Wrist Condition Treatment in Oklahoma

Hand and Wrist Conditions

Common Hand - Wrist Pain Causes

There are dozens of conditions that may lead to hand pain, and here we explore the most common causes, including different forms of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon injury, and others. Once you have a specialist diagnose the potential cause of your hand or wrist condition, we are able to offer surgery-free alternatives to treatment.

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