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Shoulder Pain Conditions and Information

Whether you suffer from rotator cuff pain, shoulder osteoarthritis, or another painful shoulder condition, you will learn more with the resources below. It is critically important you find out about all your surgery-free treatment options before you consider and irreversible surgery with a long recovery period. We look forward to providing you with the most advanced surgical alternative available in Oklahoma following a comprehensive evaluation of your condition with one of our musculoskeletal specialists.

Shoulder Pain Structures - Shoulder Pain Anatomy

Shoulder Pain Anatomy

Shoulder Structures

Among the most complex joints in the body, the shoulder plays a critical role in virtually all daily activities we perform throughout our lives. Understanding the basic structure of the shoulder will help you make better decisions about your treatment options. Follow the link below to learn more about your shoulder. The knee joint is among the most important joints in the human body. Our ability to stand, walk, and run all depend on this critical link. Given the importance of the knee to our mobility, it is helpful to a foundation of understanding when considering your knee pain diagnosis. Follow the link below to get an understanding of the structures that may be causing your pain or injury.

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Shoulder Pain Conditions in Oklahoma

Pain Shoulder Conditions

Shoulder Pain Causes

Our musculoskeletal joint pain specialists perform comprehensive evaluations and imaging of your painful shoulder. Reading at the link below will help you understand more about the underlying shoulder diagnosis that is at the root of your shoulder pain.

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Shoulder Pain Structures - Shoulder Pain Oklahoma

Shoulder Pain Location

Where you hurt may explain why

Shoulder pain symptoms vary widely, but the specific location of your pain often narrows down the likely causes that are considered in your shoulder problem. Follow the shoulder information link below to learn more about the symptoms and the most common causes.

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