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Spine Pain Condition Information

This is an online resource for patients suffering spine pain and injury such as lower back pain or neck pain. At Orthobiogen, we offer the most advanced regenerative medicine spine treatments available in Oklahoma. We dedicate a significant amount of time to the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and education of our patients in order to focus on meeting your outcome goals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Spine Pain Anatomy - Oklahoma City - Orthobiogen

Spine Pain Anatomy

Spinal Pain Structures

The human spine is a marvel of biomechanical structure and function. The normally functioning spine allows a fantastic range of motion and provides a substantial foundation for the extremities that enable us to thrive in our environment. To understand what can go wrong with the spine, it is vital to have at least a basic understanding of spinal anatomy. Follow the link below for useful information about the form and function of the human spine and areas linked to spine problems, including lower back pain and neck pain.

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Spine Pain and Back Pain in Oklahoma

Spine Pain Location

Hints of the underlying problem

Where does your spine hurt? Does the pain travel anywhere else, such as down your legs? Those are often the key questions a musculoskeletal spine specialist will ask early on. The reason for this is that the location of your spinal pain provides a very useful way to narrow down the likely causes of your spine problem. Follow the link below to learn more about what the location of your painful spine symptoms may mean for you.

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Spine Pain MRI - Degenerative Discs in Oklahoma

Spine Pain Conditions

Spinal Arthritis to Disc Degeneration

Degenerative Disc Disease and Spine Osteoarthritis are two of the most common causes of spine and back pain. If you are diagnosed with these or other spine pain generating conditions, it is important to consider your next steps carefully. Beware of a "quick fix" for a back problem that may have taken years to develop. The more you are educated about your condition, the better decision you can make about potential treatments that have the lowest risk with the highest level of improvement. Read more about common spine conditions by following the link below.

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