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In Sections A, B, and C below, there are questions about your hip or knee pain. Please select each response. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, please give the best answer you can.


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Assessment - Hip or Knee

Section A: Think about the pain you felt in your hip/knee during the last 48 hours.

For the 5 questions in section A below, please answer regarding how much pain you have when:

Section B: Think about the stiffness (not pain) you have in your hip or knee during the last 48 hrs when answering the following two questions.

Stiffness is a sensation of decreased ease in moving your joint.

Section C: Think about the difficulty you had in doing the following daily physical activities due to your hip/knee during the last 48 hours. By this, we mean your ability to move around and look after yourself.

For the remaining questions below, consider what degree of difficulty you have when:

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