Knee Pain

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Knee Pain Conditions and Information

Below you will find our online resources for patients suffering knee joint pain or injury. As you seek surgery-free alternatives to your knee diagnosis, it’s essential to understand more about your condition. At Orthobiogen, your understanding of your situation and the rationale behind your treatment are important factors in achieving your outcome goals.¬†We look forward to sharing this information with you here as well as during your comprehensive knee pain evaluation in our clinic.

Knee pain and injury Oklahoma

Knee Pain Anatomy

Knee Joint Structures

The knee joint is among the most important joints in the human body. Our ability to stand, walk, and run all depend on this critical link. Given the importance of the knee to our mobility, it is helpful to a foundation of understanding when considering your knee pain diagnosis. Follow the link below to get an understanding of the structures that may be causing your pain or injury.

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Oklahoma knee osteoarthritis information

Knee Pain Symptoms

Symptoms provide hints of the cause

Many knee pain conditions can be narrowed down based on the location of symptoms and which structures of the knees are painful. A true joint pain specialist will be interested in identifying the specific areas that cause you the most discomfort. During a thorough knee examination, your doctor will check for tender areas and joint instability.

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Oklahoma knee arthritis pain specialists

Knee Arthritis Pain

Common arthritis causes of knee pain

Conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis result in thousands of Oklahomans suffering knee pain. At Orthobiogen, our uniquely trained physician specialists have treated hundreds of patients with knee pain like yours. Learn more and contact us today to have the most comprehensive review of your condition and get your non-surgical knee treatment options

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Other causes of knee pain in Oklahoma

Other Knee Pain Causes

Meniscus, Ligaments, & Other Conditions

Beyond arthritis and sports injuries, there are a wide variety of knee pain causes. Below we discuss some of the most common conditions impacting the knee. It is important to consider these and other potential problems with your knee joints during your evaluation to identify a proper diagnosis. Your Oklahoma knee pain specialists at Orthobiogen have the training and experience to provide you with the widest range of surgery-free treatment options.

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