Regenerative Health blog articles that help you learn more about Regenexx and the surgery-free options available for treating spine and joint disease.

To Surgery Or Not To Surgery?

  ”There are surgical orthopedic specialists and non-surgical orthopedic specialists. If you go see a surgical specialist…they’re going to offer you surgery”. -Dr. Booth from the video below Consider A Spine and Joint Specialist Who Specializes in Helping You Avoid Surgery How you treat your back or joint pain can have a big impact on your life, and one of the most important decisions is also one of the first: What kind of doctor should you see? If you have back pain, for example, it seems simple that you should see a spine specialist, but shouldn’t you first consider a…

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Does a Meniscus Tear Mean Surgery?

Consider the Pros and Cons of a Surgical Vs. Surgery-free Procedure Seeing a Meniscus tear on your MRI doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have surgery. If you’re experiencing low back pain, knee pain, or any other joint/orthopedic pain, consider the pros and cons of a surgical vs. surgery-free procedure. What is a Meniscus Tear? In your body, you have a total of 4 menisci (the plural of meniscus), two on each of your knees. Each one is white, rubbery, shaped like a “C” and acts as a shock absorber for your knees. They protect the other parts of your…

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Is It Sciatica?

Low Back Problems Can Have Some of the Same Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain One day your leg begins to hurt. It has a burning pain radiating down it, and feels numb and weak; the classic signs of sciatica. But you should not self-diagnose, please see a medical doctor who is a non-surgical spine specialist, as what you think is sciatica might be something else. What is Sciatica? Your sciatic nerve starts outside your lower spine and branches down each of your legs. It is a nerve that conveys motor function and feeling information to and from your legs(1). The…

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PRP Injection Knee Experts For Orthopedic Pain in Oklahoma

PRP knee injections are emerging as highly sought-after treatments for those suffering from a wide variety of knee pain or injuries in Oklahoma. PRP has been used to treat many different orthopedic conditions for well over two decades, although many are just learning about PRP. History of PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma in Orthopedic Treatment While PRP has been used to treat other non-orthopedic conditions dating back into the 1960s, realization of the potential benefits in orthopedics was delayed until the 1990s. One of the earliest reports of the use of PRP in orthopedics is from 1999. In that year, Dr.…

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Facet Joint Pain and Facet Arthropathy in Oklahoma

Low back pain is a common symptom that many adults in the U.S. experience, particularly in Oklahoma. In fact, one study found that over a quarter of the population had experienced low back pain in the 90 days before answering a survey. Fortunately, many episodes of low back pain only last for a few months. However, many Oklahomans experience recurrent attacks and will need further care, such as when they have facet joint pain, facet arthritis, or facet arthropathy. Introduction People who have low back pain for more than three months may end up with many medical-related expenses and may…

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When to See a Doctor for Low Back and Right Leg Pain

Low Back Pain and Right Leg Pain Causes and Treatments Low back and right leg pain can have many different causes. Common causes include herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and sciatica. Treatment options for low back and right leg pain often depends on the underlying cause of the pain. Common treatments include physical therapy, medication, epidural injections, and surgery. Introduction to Low Back Pain If you’re experiencing low back and right leg pain, you may be wondering what’s causing it and how to treat it. Low back and right leg pain can have many causes, including herniated discs,…

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